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About Michael Gordon Jackson,

M.G. Jackson is a former Professor of Agriculture and sometime Director of Research at the G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India. After early retirement in 1982, he worked with the Uttarakhand Environmental Education Centre, Almora, designing and testing a pioneering, locale-specific school course on rural life and livelihoods. On the basis of his experience he has written extensively on educational theory and practice, agricultural history, natural farming, and alternative science in journal articles and books. He is the author of 'Transformative Learning for a New Worldview: Learning to Think Differently', 'A Return to the Perennial Questions: Fresh Answers for Our Times', 'Learning the Ways of Things: A New Protocol of Science', and 'Tending Our Land: A New Story (co-authored with Nyla Coelho), among others. You can email him at: mgordonjackson@yahoo.co.in

Posts by: Michael Gordon Jackson

Learning from the past: A new protocol for agricultural education and research in India

We scientists, each one of us, should ask ourselves what the agricultural establishment needs to do in order effectively to address our current agricultural crisis. Given our present mechanistic scientific paradigm, we are part of the problem, and thus cannot, be part of its solution. Our first task, therefore, is to change our outlook fundamentally.

M.G. Jackson: A new worldview for our times

The worldview that informs contemporary global culture was conceived during the European ‘Enlightenment’ of the 17th century. Its shortcomings have become increasingly evident today, and they are beginning to be seen as the root cause of the many seemingly intractable global problems that confront us today. This essay presents an overview of an alternative worldview.

Bookshelf: Tending Our Land – A New Story

In ‘Tending Our Land’, authors M.G. Jackson and Nyla Coelho present a vivid, historical account of the great human enterprise of food production, an entirely new story– one that reinstates an ancient but eminently relevant imperative for our times. It makes essential reading for policy makers, academia and the budding bold generation of land tenders.