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Sustainability Online Course

5 week long online course ‘Exploring Sustainability in the Indian Context’, by Azim Premji University

Women of India Festival

Organised by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the festival will exhibit organic products by women entrepreneurs and artisans from across India

Conference on Thermal Power

National Conference on State of India’s Thermal Power: Trends, Costs & Mounting Financial Crisis

Workshop on Food Systems

Red Delights or Rotting Heaps: Understanding Bengaluru’s food systems through the ubiquitous tomato, organised by SOCHARA

How Children Learn

Workshop that explores how schooling damages the natural cognitive system meant for learning the world

Human Ecology Conference

The Society for Human Ecology’s 2017 conference – Theme: Envisioning Pathways to Just and Sustainable Futures

Organic World Congress 2017

2017 edition of the leading international event for the development of the organic sector worldwide

Permaculture Training

Hand-on training in permaculture by the world’s leading experts, ahead of the International Permaculture Convergence 2017

Educational Confluence 2017

Win a trip to Ladakh and be part of the Educational Confluence 2017, organised by Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh

Ganga Yatra 2017

An experiential education and leadership program for young adults (16 To 28), along the river Ganga from it’s source to it’s tributaries

Workshop on RCEP

Workshop on Regional Comprehensive Partnership & the corporate attack on public services & Release of book: Reclaiming Public Services – how cities and citizens are turning back privatisation

Narmada Prerna Yatra

A 4 day excursion across the Narmada Valley, Gujarat to meet various role models

National Seed Diversity Festival

Bringing together key seed savers and custodians across the country to discuss risks to indigenous seeds and plan action

Jeevan Vidya Workshop

An intensive 40-hour learning experience that seeks to bring one’s attention to issues related to interpersonal relations, education, society, environment and aspirations

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