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Narmada Prerna Yatra

A 4 day excursion across the Narmada Valley, Gujarat to meet various role models

National Seed Diversity Festival

Bringing together key seed savers and custodians across the country to discuss risks to indigenous seeds and plan action

Jeevan Vidya Workshop

An intensive 40-hour learning experience that seeks to bring one’s attention to issues related to interpersonal relations, education, society, environment and aspirations

Clean Energy Workshop

Call for participants for workshop on ‘Translating Clean Energy Research to Rural India’

[email protected] Kana

“Let us not isolate the environment: a lokavidya perspective”, by Sunil Sahasrabudhey

Ecologise Camp 5

A weekend orientation camp to explore a more ecologically sensitive way of living, organised by the Ecologise Network.

Rally for the Valley

Stand with the people of Narmada Valley who have been fighting for their rights, and against devastation in the name of development

Greening Consumption & Production

Six-week facilitated online course on how we can develop national policies and approaches that keep the global impacts of natural resources use within safe ecological limits

Tank desilting

Prakruti, an NGO founded by well-known environmentalist Panduyrang Hegde, is calling for donations to desilt a forest tank in Sirsi, Karnataka, which is facing an unprecedented drought.

Ragi Kana

A weekend santhe in combination with cultural activities, demonstrations, discussions – at a thriving farm close to the city

Earth & Water

Hands-On Workshop on Earthworks & Rain Water Harvesting

Drought Duty

Swaraj Abhiyan and Youth4Swaraj calls on young students to engage with the ongoing crisis of farmers and villages

[email protected], [email protected]

50 actions of resistance in 50 places in India on the 50th year of ADB

Food Sustainability Media Award

Applications are now open for the Award, which aims increase the public’s awareness of food sustainability issues worldwide

Sujal Jagruti Yatra

A car rally from the river bed of Narmada to Brahmaputra to raise awareness about river pollution

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