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Nayi Dishayein

Event Start Date:
21st May 2017
Event End Date:
6th July 2017
Event Venue:

This call for applications is for two distinct programs. Please apply for any one.
A. 6 week program ( Classroom + Field Internship) 21st may to 6th July.
B. 10 day program (Classroom only) 11th to 20th June.

‘Development’ is the defining agenda of our times. All that goes on in its name receives an uncritical nod from citizens as diverse as the ‘savvy metropolitan’ to the ‘struggling villager’. Political parties are increasingly using it as the most effective rhetoric to win elections. Meanwhile, as a country, we continue to grapple with issues of poverty, inequality, marginalisation and conflict, and fail to understand why this ‘development’, which is the promised solution, is increasingly becoming problematic.

About the Summer School: Sambhaavnaa Institute, has for the last five years been organising a participatory, reflective and experiential schools series, called Nayi Dishayein. In this program we work with young participants to:

Deconstruct, i.e., critically examine the notion of development
Re-examine our belief systems, worldviews and privileges around power structures of caste, gender, religion, class
Assess possibilities of change through exposure to a range of contemporary interventions/initiatives/movements towards a just society
With these three objectives, participants, through a facilitated process examine the following questions:

What is the current notion of ‘Development’? Where has it come from?
Is there a huge gulf between what it promises and what it delivers? If so, why?
Is it beneficial, if yes, for whom? And at what cost? Who pays these costs?
The questions of caste, gender, religion, class in contemporary India
Does the commonly held belief that ‘Development will solve these social issues’ hold out in reality, or does development further compound these problems?
Are you as an individual are free from prejudices and stereotyping on the above counts?
Are you able to see your privileges and dis-privileges – or do you believe that all you have achieved is because of your ‘merit’? Are you part of the problem?
What are some interventions/initiatives/movements people have tried out to effect socio-economic-political change? How does one understand and assess them?
Can this assessment help us shape potential pathways for ourselves?
Who is the program for? : If you are in the age group of 21-26 years and seeking answers to the above questions; or you are just figuring out how to frame the questions; or trying to understand the interconnections between different problems that you see around you…then join us for an intense collective churn on these issues – to open up nayi dishayein in both your thinking and living…

Language: Primarily in English, and some Hindi.

To know more and apply: https://goo.gl/67fI4r

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