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The Sharing Cities Toolkit


Responding to the calls from organizers in the SCN who articulated the need for a cohesive repository of the tools and resources necessary to support their cities on the path to becoming a Sharing City. To meet this need we are creating the Sharing Cities Toolkit; an evolving compilation of resources comprised of a mix of How-to’s, Project Guides, example Policy and tried and true Models and Advice. While a lot of these resources have been either created or published by Shareable over the last five years we are curating the best content we can find and have pulled resources created by many other organizations.

Table of Contents:

Sharing City Organizing
Community Action Guides
Legal Advocacy Resources
Project Specific Resources
Fundraising Resources
Sharing Economy Presentations
Tools For Organizing
General Nonprofit Resources
Contribute to this Toolkit

Access the Sharing Cities Toolkit

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