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More video interviews by Mansoor Khan

Here are some more additions to Mansoor Khan’s ongoing series of  video interviews with experts in various fields from ecology to energy to economics. The interviews take off from the themes covered in Mansoor’s book, The Third Curve: The End of Growth. As We Know It!.

View more videos at: The Third Curve YouTube channel 

Claude Alvarez
Claude Alvares is an environmentalist based in Goa, India. He is the editor of the Other India Press publication based in India and the Director of the Goa Foundation, an environmental monitoring action group. He is a member of the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). and the Supreme Court Monitoring Committee (SCMC) on Hazardous Wastes constituted by the Supreme Court of India.

Adam Grubb
Adam left a career in IT to pursue becoming backwardly mobile after learning about energy depletion. He founded the energy news clearinghouse Energy Bulletin in 2003 which became the most popular website about peak oil on the net. He got into permaculture in 2004 and a couple of years later co-founded (with Dan Palmer) the now global permablitz movement. His teachers have included luminaries such as David Holmgren, Bill Mollison, Darren Doherty and others.

Ashish Kothari
Ashish Kothari began working on environment and development issues in his school days in 1978-79, as one of the founders of Kalpavriksh, an Indian environmental NGO. A graduate in Sociology, Ashish has taught environment at the Indian Institute of Public Administration in the 1990s. Ashish is co-author of ‘Churning the Earth’ a book that covers the wide sweep of destruction caused by an archaic model of development unleashed onto India by the western world.

Aseem Shrivastava
Aseem Shrivastava wrote his doctoral thesis in environmental economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has taught economics for many years in India and the US. Most recently, he taught philosophy at Nordic College, Norway. He has written extensively on issues associated with globalization. Recently he has co-authored a book called ‘Churning the Earth’.

Sagar Dhara
Sagar Dhara is the head of Hyderabad based Cerana Foundation, a think tank on energy, environment and development, which also helps populations at risk from environmental stressors. An ex-IITian, he talks about the implications of energy in the global economy. His perspective is the one that is least discussed, namely, is growth even possible from an energy perspective. Takes the discussion of Growth beyond the mere moral aspect. He is a founding member of Peak Oil India.

Mihir Mathur, TERI
Mihir Mathur studied Peak Oil and then moved to Climate Change. Presently an Associate Fellow at The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi.

Nagraj Adve
Nagraj Adve, an activist based in Delhi, works on issues connected with global warming.

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