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Bookshelf: A Treatise On Solar Cookers by Ashok Kundapur

In this informative book, the author, Dr. Ashok Kundapur, who has had the privilege of contributing scholarly articles to Enclyclopedia of Life Support System (EOLSS) of UNESCO and Wikia of Solar Cooker International, has distilled his experience of 35 years, to cover over 260 designs of solar cookers, in full color, designed around the World.

Dr Ashok Kundapur

The book has 12 chapters starting with an overview of the use of solar energy down the ages in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, the author traces the history of the development of various types of solar cookers, along with a brief mention of various organisations striving to promote solar cookers.

Chapters 3 and Chapter 4 deal with solar cookers which concentrate sunlight to the bottom of cooking vessels, such as Parabolic, Fresnel, plane mirrors, collapsible and similar types of solar cookers

Box cookers, Panels, Funnels and other such solar cookers which direct sunlight to the top and sides of solar cookers are detailed in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.

Chapter 7 deals with indirect solar designed by enthusiasts over the years to enable cooking inside the kitchen. There are many sophisticated designs in this category, but none but one appears to be promising. Featured here is a new design which is capable of heralding a new era in indirect solar cooker designed by an Indian, using a compact setup to power a Induction stove. The author suggests that solar cooker innovators should concentrate on this type of designs if solar cookers are to become more popular.

The book also includes a detailed note on commercial solar cookers which are slowly gaining popularity (Chapter 8), whereas Chapter 9 elaborates on conservation of captured solar heat – through sensible, latent, chemical, electrical modes and also co-serving it by use of hay boxes, ‘wonder bags’ and Prof. Pedro’s ‘Witches kitchen’.

One of the important parameters which promotes acceptability of any device is its appearance and efficacy; these aspects are discussed in Chapter 10 and a proposal is presented to evolve a world standard acceptable by the scientific community and understandable by users.

For solar cooker enthusiasts, who wish to build a good cooker or improve the one already made, the 11th chapter concentrates on do-it-yourself plans with useful information on material to be used like glazing, reflector, insulation etc, for fabricating these solar cookers.

Lastly, Chapter 12 summarises trends in the development of these very useful solar cookers, and offers suggestions to improve them and suggests directions in which the solar scientists or innovators should concentrate to make their cookers more popular.

Over 350 research papers and websites have been reviewed to compile this Treatise. The detailed subject index helps the reader in navigating the book. At present, this magnum opus is offered directly to the interested researchers, innovators and users at a high discount rate.

Price Euro 75 (INR 5,550)
BUY NOW AT EURO 55 (INR 3,500) and
SAVE EURO 20 (INR 2,050) with this
(Before 31st March 2018)

Postage free to any part of the Planet

Pay through PayPal to the account of [email protected]

Or deposit the amount in:

Account S/B a/c No : 0072001518441
ICICI Bank, Manipal, INDIA
(IFSC: ICIC0000072, MICR : 576229002)
(Send details of remittance along with full postal address to ensure prompt delivery)

Please buy one for yourself and recommend it to your Institution’s library and friends

About the International Alternate Energy Trust 
The International Alternate Energy Trust is an India registered trust, created to spread knowledge on Alternate Energy Sources. It was founded by a small group of concerned persons led by Dr Ashok Kundapur. At present the activities are generally restricted to sharing the information through websites like www.solcooker.net, ‘Compedium on solar cooker designs; on Solar Cooker International’s Wikia, and an article in UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Supporting Systems (EOLSS). Many other articles on Alternate energy Sources, the world’s  booming population etc, have also appeared on the websites.

In 2009, along with Dr Sudhir C.V., a proposal to evolve a world standard for testing and reporting on solar cookers was presented. Many scientists seem to be considering the proposal seriously, although a final formula is yet to evolve.

On portals like Scribd, the Trust has launched several Power Point Presentations like pollution caused by coal powered power plants, methods to mitigate pollution etc..

Of late, the founder is working on harnessing energy from the ocean to generate pollution free versatile power to run all types of vehicles and do all types of activities including cooking at home, and is looking for active partners with an international presence.

Call for donors: Clean ocean energy project in Udupi, India
Developed by Dr. Ashok Kundapur, this project seeks to harness energy from the ocean to generate clean electric power all round the year at over 80% of installed capacity, way better than any conventional power plant burning coal or Uranium. He is seeking funds to develop a fully functional prototype, through the Milaap crowdfunding platform.

Proposal: An Alternative Energy Strategy for India
Ashok Kundapur
ENERGY STRATEGY FOR INDIA BY 2035. Presenting a new vision for a totally clean and green, fossil fuel-free energy strategy for our country (by Concerned Members of NGOs) There is a pressing need to think about a fossil fuel-less future, because according to many experts, fossil fuels have already peaked, and may be exhausted by 2030.


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