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Design Thinking for Conservation

Webinar – of interest to those working in the areas of biodiversity, conservation, environment and ecology, indigenous peoples and local communities, and cultural landscapes.

Courses 2019

The Art and Science of Doing Nothing, Ecological Futures & The Living Soil – At Shunya Farm

Living Utopias Alumni Refresher Course

This short course by Azim Premji University aims to understand a) the urgency in combating the crisis of industrialism in the world today and  b) the various alternatives in different spheres of a civilisation

Art in the Anthropocene

As art can be more sensitive in reacting to the issue of the Anthropocene, we encourage papers and proposals on visual and non-visual art, theatre, performance, film, and new media

Natural Dyeing Workshop

Workshop on Natural Dyes with Namrata Manot, founder of Biome Sustainable Textiles 

Talk on ecology

An Indian Ecologist in the forests of Ecuador, a talk by Anusha Shankar


The Fourth International conference on creativity and innovation at/for/from/with grassroots

Development Days 2019

Call for papers for a conference to discuss alternative development strategies and the role of emerging actors in development across multiple scales.

2019 Fireflies Dialogues

Themed ‘Integrating Well-being and Justice for a Sustainable Future,’ the event will address the relationship between well-being, spirituality, justice and climate resilience.

Land & Development Conference

Third India Land and Development Conference, on ‘‘Partnerships for enhanced inclusion and impact’

Permaculture Design Course

Taught by EIGHT certified Indian and Sri Lankan Permaculture instructors, with support and guest presenting by Rico Zook

India Rivers Week

Developing a plan for the future that needs to be adopted if the Ganga is ever to be restored to its original state

India’s Healing Forests

A film by Nitin Das. Explore the amazing Indian forests and how nature affects our body, mind and spirit.

Natural Farming Course

Introductory Natural Farming Course in English at the farm founded by the late Bhaskar Save – the ‘Gandhi of Natural Farming’

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