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Rainfed agriculture Workshop

Orientation of Data Analysis Tools and use of such data in developing policy argument on Rainfed agriculture


Watch the full video of the recently concluded webinar ‘Closing the Enforcement Gap: A Practice Guide for Environment Justice Paralegals’

Call for papers

Energy Environment & Health Conservation: An international multidisciplinary journal

R for Ecological Economics

Get hands-on experience on the uses of an analytical software, R, for researching in Ecological Economics


Experience simple community living and reconnect to your mind, body and heart, to friends and to the Earth

Environmental Justice

A free online course on Environmental Justice, by the University of East Anglia

“Recover your environment”

Second “Recover your environment” training programme for activists: People’s environmental impact assessment of thermal power plants

Weaving workshop

Weaving workshop on a mini, home-scale loom, by the multi-faceted creative genius, Sudarshan Juyal. Hosted by Vanvadi.


A 7-day immersive journey in the Himalayas to understand this relationship between economics and ecology

Book release

Release-cum-discussion of the book, “Alternative Futures: India Unshackled”, edited by Ashish Kothari and K. J. Joy


How Paralegals Can Advance Environmental Justice – Organised by CPR-Namati

Farmers Workshop

Workshop on trends and challenges in agriculture, organised by Gujarat Khedut Samaj

Energy Workshop

NAPM Workshop on Environmental, Social and Developmental Finance Dimensions of ‘Sustainable Energy’ in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Summer course

Changing the Frame: Science and Art of Communicating for Transition

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