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​Tapi Prerna Yatra

Event Start Date:
22nd December 2017
Event End Date:
25th December 2017
Event Venue:
Bharuch, Gujarat

तापी प्रेरणा यात्रा – A JOURNEY OF CHANGE!

22-25 DEC, 2017, GUJARAT.

TAPI Prerna Yatra – a 4 day excursion across the Tapi, Dhrampur and Dang regions in South Gujarat to meet various role models, grassroots entrepreneurs and social organizations and along with exploring natural beauty of surrounding forest areas.

Apply Online: http://www.servehappiness.org/applicationform.aspx

WHO SHOULD COME AND WHY?Some initiatives are just unique – they encompass the elements of passion, inspiration and enlightenment – firstly, embedding them in their DNA and then sharing it onto with their stakeholders! Well, Prerna Yatras organized by Serve Happiness Foundation is such initiative. So far more than 180 people across all walks of life (Scientist, Indian Navy Commander, Artist, Social Workers, Students, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers, Farmers etc.) from 18 states of India become part of our family.

If you are an individual who is:

  • Willing to learn and explore the Culture, Heritage and Opportunities of rural India
  • Willing to bring positive change in the society
  • An aspiring Social Entrepreneur
  • Looking for inspiration and new direction in life
  • Willing to experience to live and feel the nature



South Gujarat region in Gujarat state is blessed with scenic beauty surrounded by the Tapi River, Sahyadri Mountain range, thick teak forests of Dharampur and Dangs and beautiful hill station of Saputara. During the yatra we would visit amazing role models and organizations working in the field of Community Health, Rural Education, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Eco Tourism and bringing positive change in the society. We would also visit beautiful eco tourism campsites visits located in forest areas. Occasional halts for fun, adventure and visits to ancient temples, heritage and historical places are also planned to make this Yatra more lively! You would also get opportunity for meaningful conversation with the role models and change makers across India.


I believe this yatra is unique for it is deep into the travels that an individual gets to know not only of his strengths/weaknesses but has a profound effect on his overall thought process, perceptions, peacefulness and happiness. I firmly believe that after experiencing a 4 days yatra, the youth gets inspired to undertake lot of smaller initiatives in the social and business spheres to bring positive change in the society.


DEC 22-25, 2017

Minimum 10 – Maximum 20 Seats

Bharuch, Gujarat


Rs. 7000/- which would include your 4 Days/3Nights travel, accommodation and food.
For more information, kindly explore the

http://www.servehappiness.org/prernayatras/tapiprernayatra OR
Write me on [email protected] OR

Call me on +91 97145 34 304

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