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Event Start Date:
31st October 2017
Event End Date:
31st October 2017
Event Venue:
Transnational Institute

The Transnational Institute (www.tni.org) has recently launched the Transformative Cities atlas. The initiative draws on the emerging wave of transformative political practices taking place at local level worldwide, by launching a unique award process that will ensure that the lessons and inspiration of these places are popularised. This follows on from a report we released earlier this year on ‘Reclaiming Public Services – how cities and citizens are turning back privatisation’ 

For the first edition of the Transformative Cities initiative we will focus on energy, water and housing, and we hope that you find this initiative useful for your struggles and get engaged! 

Transformative Cities is an opportunity for progressive local governments, trade unions, municipalist coalitions, social movements, cooperatives, and civil society organisations to popularise and share their experiences of tackling and finding solutions to our planet’s systemic economic, social, political and ecological crisis.

Moreover, we aspire to a new model of awards, one which is participatory, inspirational, and rooted in exchange and learning. A process with no winners and losers, but rather the emergence of an ATLAS of political practices, whose inspiring stories speed up a process of systemic transformation towards a more democratic, equal and peaceful world.

Why do we look at cities? We recognize that struggles framed at the city or municipal level have a strategic advantage to advance the agenda for social, economic, environmental and gender justice. However, it does not mean that we focus only on urban practices. On the contrary, we want to highlight transformative processes towards energy democracy that are happening in both (semi-) urban and rural communities, around the world.

We acknowledge that the hegemony of neoliberal thinking of the last decades has meant the privatisation of many aspects of our life. Yet we see in recent years how the tide is turning. Take for example, the defence of the right to water, expressed in hundreds of water remunicipalisations worldwide or new forms of organisation to achieve energy democracy, from cooperative models to new public ownership. In sum, these issue-based struggles have been determinant for the emergence of a municipalist movement in many places that are questioning severely the corporate capture of our public institutions.

Read the Open Call for applications and share your story.

October is reserved for submitting the form (1000-2700 words).

If you have any questions or need any help in making an application, please write to Benny Kuruvilla ( [email protected] and [email protected])  and or write directly to [email protected].


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