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15th March 2018
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15th March 2018
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Vol 1, Issue 2, March 2018

Energy Environment & Health Conservation: An International Journal (EEHC), a multidisciplinary Journal, published from United Kingdom, covering specific area of Environment, Energy and Human Health conservation, widely circulated, published quarterly since 2016.

EEHC Journal encompass all branches of Environment, Energy, Human Health, Living standards, Community & Social development for  Environment and Quality of life improvement and its related sub – disciplines like :

  • Environment Conservation,
  • Environment Biology,
  • Environmental Chemistry,
  • Environment Health, Safety
  • Environment Quality Conservation,
  • Pollution Control & Monitoring,
  • Sustainable Development
  • Energy Conservation,
  • Energy Conversion & Management
  • Climate change,
  • Hospital & Health management,
  • Human Health Conservation
  • Community & Social Development and
  • Living standard Improvement initiatives, etc.


Last date for submission: March 15, 2018

Initially the journal is being published online only. Published manuscripts shall be made available to corresponding authors as well as accessible (on subscription) at all interested parties at World Wide Web through our website (www.eehcjournal.com ; www.towardsnature.org/publications.php) for a wider and faster circulation of Journal. ISSN no. has been applied to competent authorities (British Library) and is in process of evaluation review. Discussions and process of Indexing is also ongoing.


Corresponding address:

[email protected][email protected]

Website of Journal:

http://www.eehcjournal.com ;



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