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Calling all Greens

Event Start Date:
24th March 2019
Event End Date:
24th March 2019
Event Venue:


Mother Earth has developed fever. No, no we the humans because of our lifestyles have caused this fever to Mother Earth.Over the last 250 to 300 years the average temperature of earth has increased by 1 degree Cabelsius. The scientists are saying that if this temperature rises by another .5 or 1 degree Celsius it will result in the extinction of almost all Life on earth.

Present reality is this.

1. In the last 50 years more than 50% of the fertile topsoil has got eroded away. Everyday about 2000 farmers are giving up farming and migrating to cities. In the last 30 years about 360000 farmers have committed suicide.

2. In the last 50 years more than 50% life species have gone extinct. Everyday about 200 species are going extinct.

3.Deforestation — In 1947 our country had 22% land under forest cover. Today it has come down to 8%.

4. All our big and small rivers are dying.Instead of all round the year now the waters of these rivers reach the sea for only 6 to 8 months. And most of these rivers are highly polluted including our most revered Ganga.

5. Air Toxicity — Air in not only metros but also in district towns has become very toxic. And our national capital is leading this procession.

6. Life style diseases are increasing. In Bengaluru 15 % population has Diabetes and / or High Blood Pressure.

7. Unemployment is on the rise. For 1500 posts there are 100000 applications !

8. In Bengaluru 50 % children suffer from respiratory diseases.

9. Whole of North Karnataka is today a desert.

10. Acute water shortage in inland areas. Huge cry for drinking water everywhere.

11. Sea Pollution — Today a plastic waste island the size of Australia is floating in Pacific ocean.

12. Greta Thunberg – a 15 year ols girl from Sweden is on ‘ School Strike ‘ saying ‘ There is no future for me ; So why should I go to school? ‘ Lakhs of children across the globe went on a ‘ School Strike ‘ on March 15th in Greta’s support.

In this background we are about to have our lok Sabha elections.None of the political parties are paying any attention to this grave situation.So what can we do in such a scenario ?

Yes, in one way the situation is very bleak and disappointing. But that does not mean we should give up.

Let all of us who are seriously worried about the state of affairs gather in Town Hall, Bangalore on sunday the 24th March at 10 am. Let us discuss the relevant issues. And then come out with a list of demands. We shall take this list of demands to all the political parties and ask them to include these in their demands in their manifesto with top priority. Yes, one might justifiably ask – these political parties anyway will not care two hoots for our demands, so what is the purpose of this exercise ? But then let us do at least this much at this juncture, More over we will try and bring this issue in public discourse. For all you know this might result in the sprouting of a GREEN KARNATAKA party in Karnataka !

Our demands

1. One third of all agricultural land should be kept for tree based farming. The government should bring a law to this effect.

2. Every village town and city should have a TREE – WATER – SOIL CLUB .

This club should be managed by the residents themselves.

3. In every village town and city ward biodegradable waste should be composted and this compost should be distributed to the farmers. These composting units should be managed by the local residents themselves.

4. A massive rain water harvesting program should be initiated in all vacant government and private land in every village and town.

5. Ecosan, Portable Compost Toilets and other methods of composting human urine and feces should be encouraged and given wide publicity.

6. Trees everywhere — in private and government land as well as roadside trees should have proper pits for rain water percolation as well as leaf litter composting.

7. In every town and city there should be many ‘ Air Pollution Indicators installed for the information of the citizens.

8. Persons who are leading Simple and Eco friendly Lifestyle should be identified and honored.

9. A book like ‘ Hundred Ways for Eco Friendly Living ‘ should be brought out by the government and distributed widely.

10. All vehicles should undergo compulsory annual ‘ Emission Test ” and only those which have the necessary ‘Tested – OK ‘ should run on the roads.

11. Sanitary pads containing plastic and other harmful chemicals should be banned and eco friendly alternatives should be encouraged.

These are some suggestions from my side. Please bring your suggestions too . Let us meet at 10 am on 24th March Sunday at Town Hall, Bangalore and share our views. At the end we shall give a final list to the political parties. And also bring it in the public domain for open debate.

As we have very little time please circulate this in your friends’ circle through all social media and ensure maximum participation.Let us try to bring together as many like minded people as possible.

Come let us meet at 10 am on 24th March !

Dr Sanjeev Kulkarni


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