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‘Cantor’s World’

Event Start Date:
3rd October 2018
Event End Date:
3rd October 2018
Event Venue:

Are you interested in the future of the planet?
GDP on the one hand, climate change on the other
— how do we plan for our countries? 

Come, play ‘Cantor’s World’ on October 3rd at the FoV House.

Who: Anyone with a background in economics/sustainability studies/public policy
When: October 3rd, 4 pm, FoV House, JP Nagar
What do you need: A laptop
Please note that there will be a video documentation of the session.

Write to [email protected] to register. Website: http://fieldsofview.in

About Cantor’s World:

Though the person who came up with the GDP had never intended it to be used the way it is today, the indicator is used everywhere for planning – even though many economists themselves do not advocate for it. The HDI or Human Development Index, for instance, was introduced as a complement (or alternative, depending on who you speak to) to the GDP. But both the GDP and the HDI did not take into account the environment. Do we really want to aim for the moon with our GDP, even if it means that our planet may become as uninviting as a lunar landscape? The search for more environment-centred solutions laid out the foundation of the Inclusive Wealth Index (IWI). How can the IWI be used as a complement to GDP and HDI? What trade-offs does this indicator entail in the process of planning? To answer these questions, you could read lots of reports, pore over complicated graphs, and rack your brains over mathematical equations. Or you could play Cantor’s World, a game designed for students and policymakers to learn about the IWI. Cantor’s World was designed by Fields of View in collaboration with UNESCO-MGIEP.

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