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Conversations on Education

Event Start Date:
22nd September 2018
Event End Date:
22nd September 2018
Event Venue:

Dear friends,

In the next session of Conversations on Education, we take a slightly different route but nonetheless connected with themes requested and being explored..

Mr K Suresh has offered to introduce us to another way of analyzing the evolution of human societies from the perspective of changes in the ways of living and our work. He also brings in the angle of equity and sustainability. In the context of this, we hope to go on to examine the questions and issues it raises for us today.
Mr. K. Suresh, Managing Trustee of Manchi Pustakam, is a post-graduate in agriculture. Over the past three and a half decades he has worked in the voluntary and government sectors as well as media. His passion is translation (into Telugu) and since the last decade he is working in publishing books in Telugu for children through the Trust Manchi Pustakam.

Understanding the Evolution of Human Society and its Impact on Our Lives

Date and Time : Saturday 22nd September 2018, 3 pm to 6 pm

Venue : Centre for Learning, 56, Sai Sagar Enclave, Kanajiguda,  Secunderabad – 500015.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/QAi2iQoMExn

Conversations on Education is a series of dialogues to engage with the idea of education together and go deeper into its connection with our lives, aspirations, notions of work and our own predicaments as individuals, parents, teachers, learners or even employers or employees. These are not intended as lecture sessions but a space where we together explore our questions regarding education and its links with our life.


We hope to address each issue in a spirit of inquiry and in a way that connects with us at a personal level. We hope that these sessions will provide an occasion for introspection and lead to a deeper understanding, and hopefully some resolution, of our own dilemmas and conflict. Perhaps also open up a space to connect to each other and draw from each other’s journey.

Call Gurveen at 95735 22407 if you need help with directions or anything else.

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Plot no 56, Sai Sagar Enclave,
Secunderabad – 500015.
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