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Crowdfunding Campaign

Event Start Date:
5th June 2018
Event End Date:
5th June 2018
Event Venue:
Kandla, Gujarat

Save the Mangroves of Kandla from Salt Making Industries 

A campaign by Kutch Unth Ucherak Maldhari Sangathan (KUUMS)

For over a month, a large fleet of Hitachi extraction machines and tractors, illegally plundered more than 4 square kilometres of pristine mangrove forests!! Blocking creeks, levelling ground, and making bunds! They systematically created bunds enclosing small portions of land to keep tidal water from coming in, so that mangroves slowly die off, and it gets easier for their machines to uproot them. They would have destroyed the entire forest if Adambhai had not raised an alarm and brought attention to this destruction. Adambhai lives in the mangroves and has been grazing his 350 kharai camels in this beautiful ecosystem for the past eight generations.

Adambhai is part of the Camel Breeders Association of Kutch (Kutch Unth Ucherak Maldhari Sangathan- KUUMS), of 380 pastoral members of Kutch district of Gujarat. KUUMS has hired a lawyer firm in Delhi to get the ‘Stay Order’ from NGT, which they successfully got, but only for now. They had made some profits in the last six months selling camel milk to AMUL to make chocolates; this helped them pay the initial fees for the case.

KUUMS needs your support to fight the case and punish the perpetrators. They are getting contributions from their own members of about one lakh rupees but will require another two lakhs to advocate against the destruction, fight the case and begin reviving the destroyed mangroves. The collected funds will be used to support KUUMS with legal fee, to support travel of community representatives from Kutch to Delhi towards legal hearings & anyfurther protests if required, and for mangrove restoration activities. The utilisation of the funds will be transparent, and regular updates will be given to the donors. Salt making industries are a powerful group of people, politically and economically. It is a fight between David and Goliath and it is not going to be easy for KUUMS. Any support, economical, legal or otherwise, will be much appreciated.

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