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Earth-Shastra 2.0

Event Start Date:
8th October 2018
Event End Date:
16th October 2018
Event Venue:
Do you wonder why our cellphones do not last more than 2 years while radio-sets in our grandparents’ time would last for a few decades? It baffled us, till we found the term ‘planned obsolescence’ – the strategy that guide producers to design the stuff to be useless as soon as possible and be replaced with a new one. Approaches like these keep the economy thriving. And the environment deteriorating.

We feel its imperative to look at ecology, economics and the human self from a holistic perspective. Hence, Earth-Shastra is here.

How would you live your life if I tell you that life on earth is going to end in 100 years?

The words economics and ecology  have a common origin in the Greek work ‘oikos’ which translates to home. As we moved along, the distance between the two sciences has become enormous. And enormous has been the distance of the two with the human self.

Earth-Shastra 2.0 is bringing together 30 passionate individuals from across the country to embark a 9-day immersive journey in the Sahyadri Hills to understand this relationship between economics, ecology and human self. We shall deepen our lost connection with nature, deconstruct the current economic system and understand the ongoing economic and environmental crisis from an integrated lens.  It inadvertently involves focus on personal transformation and nurturing deep community over the 9-days and beyond.

If you are willing to develop the capacity to understand the big picture and the humility to start with small actions, this is for you!

The program has been enriched by the following practitioners who were our mentors last time:

Here are the details:

Dates: 8th – 16th October, 2018
Venue: Govardhan Eco-Village near Mumbai.

We are looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds (rural & urban) including students and professionals from non-profits, corporates and government.

Click here to apply

First Application Deadline: 5th August

Reach out to us at 9811 723 034 / [email protected] for any queries.


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