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Event Start Date:
15th September 2019
Event End Date:
15th September 2019
Event Venue:

EcoJam Dates: Nov 3rd – Nov 9th, 2019

Venue: Serene Eco Village near Pune, India



Invite: http://bit.ly/EcoJam2019 

Application: http://bit.ly/EcoJam2019App 

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/365933740958421/


Priority: Sept 1st, 2019

Final Deadline: Sept 15th, 2019

The EcoJam brings together 30 people from diverse backgrounds, ages 20+,come for six days of transformative experiences. We gather to know ourselves more deeply, build a community together, reconnect with Nature in a profound way, and find renewed vision, purpose, and support in our work in the world.

In a field that is often filled with burnout and division, the EcoJam is a space for us to be real and share all of ourselves – our struggles, frustrations, and joys alike. It is a space to learn from each other, especially across differences including gender, class and religion. It is a space to connect the dots between personal change and our work to create a sustainable and just world.

The EcoJam calls on a diverse set of change-makers across many fields connected to the environment: social entrepreneurs, environmental activists, organic farmers, conservationists, high-tech wizards, food advocates, those affected by environmental problems, and anyone passionate about Nature and sustainable living. You need not be an expert – we are looking for a diversity of participants, some with more experience and others new in their journey.

We invite you to come with us to this fertile ground, link your roots with others to co-create an ecosystem of love and strength that can help shape a world where all beings thrive, now and for generations to come.

Why EcoJam?

As we write this in June 2019, large parts of India are experiencing a prolonged heat wave and between a quarter to half the country is experiencing a lack of clean drinking water. The city of Chennai is practically out of water. Added to that biodiversity loss, indigenous lands being taken away for mining, and cities filling to the brim, the state of the environment is in peril. Yet, the old ways of actions continue in the face of these crises.

At a time when many people, especially young people, are realising and experiencing that we are interconnected with each other and the environment we live in, the time is ripe for change. And yet by ourselves, working for change can be frustrating. Even changing ourselves can be hard enough. The EcoJam is a space to slow-down together with others on a similar path, and to work

What to expect at the EcoJam?

The EcoJam aims to address three interconnected levels of transformation: the personal, the interpersonal, and the social/systemic. It is NOT a typical environmental conference. We will be looking within at our own healing and growth, as well our interpersonal relationships, in addition to healing our relationship to Nature at the systemic level. Through activities like facilitated dialogues, sharing circles, artistic expression, games, movement, participant-led workshops, outdoor adventure, and lots of free time for spontaneous interactions amongst the participants, we will together explore our own experiences, questions and dynamics.

Through activities, exchanges and just plain hanging out together, we get a chance to take stock. To see things from new perspectives. To activate our imaginations, creativity and curiosity. To align our vision and values. To face our fears and overcome our blocks. We get to heal and to find new friends and partners in our journey.

Note that the EcoJam will be primarily in English, however partial translations will be available in Hindi.

What’s a ‘Jam’?

In music, a jam is a creative, live gathering of musicians who together, spontaneously create a new sound, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Similarly, Jams are places where diverse leaders and visionaries bring together their passion, openness, and unique perspectives. In spontaneous connection, we weave layers of experience, wisdom, heart and spirit to create some real magic. The Jam asks that all the players are present and ready to listen deeply to each other.

To date, more than 175 Jams have been held on six continents, bringing together young and intergenerational leaders from more than 85 countries. The EcoJam is being co-organised by a diverse group of leaders, with the support of YES! based in the U.S. (see www.yesworld.org) and the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW).

Financial Contribution

The actual cost of the EcoJam per participant is Rs 16,000 for the duration of 6 days (including food, accommodation, materials & modest stipends for organizers and facilitators). However, we recognize that not everyone can afford this, and so we have done some fundraising to be able to offer a sliding-scale contribution of Rs 7,000 to Rs 16,000. This means that you can contribute anywhere between these amounts, according to your unique financial situation. We request that you contribute a little beyond what is comfortable. We appreciate your efforts to find the money even if it is a little difficult (we can help you in asking for support from family, friends, your organization, etc).

If the minimum Rs 7,000 is not possible for you, please mention that in the form. We may be able to provide a work-trade, or find some other solution. Please do not let money get in the way of you participating.

This contribution covers food, lodging and facilitation for 6 days of the Jam. We ask participants to make their own travel arrangements to the venue.


Jams are usually held in a naturally beautiful place, away from the hustle-bustle of modern life, so that it is both inspiring and rejuvenating.

Serene Eco Village is a sustainable settlement, which is in harmony with all aspects of life, including the cultural, ecological and social dimensions. It is often composed of people who have chosen an alternative to centralized power, water, and sewage systems after seeing the breakdown of traditional community living in cities and urbanized areas that have become overpopulated and polluted cities. Serene Eco Village is a community of people who strive to integrate a supportive social environment with a small-scale, low-impact way of living by integrating natural farming practices, alternative energy generation, sustainable living, green production and so much more.

Accommodation and food

We have shared rooms and will aim to have as much tasty, healthy and natural food as possible during our stay. Food will be vegetarian and much of it homegrown and organic! Please let us know well in advance if you have any special dietary needs.

[On side:] Map:

Serene Eco Village

Serene, At Post Dhanep,

Opposite Gunjawani Dam,

Welhe Taluka, Dhanep,

Pune, Maharashtra 412212

098507 78898



You can apply for the EcoJam here: http://bit.ly/EcoJam2019App


Priority: Sept 1st, 2019

Final Deadline: Sept 15th, 2019


[email protected]




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