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Ecological Futures

Event Start Date:
7th December 2018
Event End Date:
14th December 2018
Event Venue:
Bir, Himachal Pradesh


Happy to share with you about Ecological futures, an 8-day course, exploring the deep interconnectedness and interdependence that human communities share with their natural environments.

This is the fourth of the ecological future courses this year.

To read about the reflections of the earlier participants, please visit:

The course will be hosted at a small farm in a village called Bir, in Himachal Pradesh, where the participants will also learn about ways of natural farming, soil care, and seed saving.

This course is for people to get familiar with patterns in nature and develop a new language required to articulate the follies of our current worldview and system and imagine the possibilities for a better future.

Why design? – Soil food web – Patterns – Observation- Life of plants – Evolution in social and natural systems – Understanding sustainability – The story of food – Jal Jungle Jameen – Edible mushrooms – Reading landscapes – Propagating plants – Seed saving – Composting – Invisible structures
December 7 to December 14, 2018
New moon to Gibbous moon
Friday to FridayFee
Rs. 10,000

Food and accommodation
The course fee does not include food and accommodation expenses.
The local community participates in the courses by offering homestays.
We will only be able to share details on availability closer to the course dates.
There are also a couple of guesthouses at walking distance from the farm.
You are welcome to take the fresh seasonal produce from the farm if you wish to cook. We are working on getting a kitchen space for the duration of the course.

Number of participants per course

Farm work
All participants will spend some hours working at the farm every day. During this time the participants will learn some basic skills on using tools, making knots, starting a fire, plant identification, reading landscapes, water harvesting, and a natural way of working in a garden or a small-scale farm. All work on the farm is done with hands and no heavy machinery is involved.

About Shunya farm
Shunya farm exists on a rented plot of 3/4-acre area in a small village called Bir in Himachal Pradesh, India. The farm produces food for a few people and local restaurants. This farm is as much a source of food as it is a home to innumerable soil microbes, insects, birds, mongoose and more beings we cannot see or identify.

The practices on the farm are influenced by Fukuoka’s natural way of farming and Permaculture design towards creating a sustainable organic food farm and a regenerative community.

Please feel free to share this will people who may be interested and write to us if you have any questions.


Angelica and Anshul

Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India
[email protected]

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