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Ecological Futures

Event Start Date:
8th October 2018
Event End Date:
15th October 2018
Event Venue:
Bir, Himachal Pradesh,


Presenting the autumn edition of Ecological Futures, an 8-day course, exploring the deep interconnectedness and interdependence that human communities share with their natural environments. By using the principles of ecology and tools of design, the course aims to bring together the scientific and the spiritual worldview and offer insights into anthropocentric to ecocentric paradigms.

This is the third of the ecological future courses this year.

To read about the reflections of the earlier participants, please visit:

The course will be hosted at a small farm in a village called Bir, in Himachal Pradesh, where the participants will also learn about ways of natural farming, soil care, and seed saving.

This course is for people to get familiar with patterns in nature and develop a new language required to articulate the follies of our current worldview and system and imagine the possibilities for a better future.

Why design? – Soil food web – Patterns – Life of plants – Evolution in social and natural systems – Understanding sustainability – The story of food – Jal Jungle Jameen – Edible mushrooms – Reading landscapes – Propagating plants – Seed saving – Composting – Economics of what? – Invisible structures

More information about the course:
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