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Free Organic Farming Training Course

Event Start Date:
10th May 2018
Event End Date:
10th June 2018
Event Venue:
Gauribidanur, near Bangalore

*Free Organic Farming Training Course, in Gauribidanur, 90 KM from
Bangalore (Starts from May-June 2018: Kharif Season)*

We offer free hands on training course in Organic Farming including
Traditional, Natural, Bio-dynamic, Zero Budget, Spiritual Farming, Vriksha
Ayurveda systems. Course will also include training in urban farming, home
gardening, terrace farming, street side farming, campus farming etc.
Training provided in cultivation of cereals, millets, pulses, herbs,
spices, fruits, vegetables, flowers, aromatics, fodder crops, wood/timber
crops, forest plants, industrial crops, organic fence crops, avenue trees

*Course Location: *Our 15 acre, multi crop organic farm in
Narasimhanahalli, near Gauribidanur, 90 KM from Bangalore, Karnataka.
*Course start: *May-June 2018 (Kharif Season).
*Qualification for Admission: Any one with age above 18 years, seriously
interested in learning organic, natural, traditional, bio-dynamic, zero
budget, spiritual, vriksha ayurveda systems of farming and sufficiently
healthy and ready to do all kind of work on the farm along with our team
and learn by doing.  *
*Course Duration & No of Seats in each course:*
1. One Month Course (30 days): No of seats: 15 trainees.
2. 3 Months (90 days): No of Seats: 15 trainees.
3. Short Term Course (15 days): No of Seats: 15 trainees.
4. Part Time Course (15 days-on Sundays and Holidays): No of Seats: 15
*Admission Process:* As there are only limited seats available for the
courses, it will be filled by First come, First served basis, and no other
criteria will be applicable for admission to the course. So, register
*Course Fee & Other Expenses:* No fee will be charged for the courses but
candidates have to meet costs for course materials (reading materials and
input materials for training), work implements, food, accommodation and
their local and to and fro travel from their home locality.
Registration: For further details and registration, please send an email
with your name, age, sex, address, phone number and email ID to:
[email protected]gmail.com

*Our Guiding Principle:* *Best fertilizer for any farm is the farmer’s

*Our Guide Post:*Those who are not ready to step into the farm and do not
love their land and do not care about the atmosphere, soil, water and
beings around (elements of Mother Earth) can never become a successful

*Our Sincere Advise to all Farmers/Farming Dreamers:* Never adopt single
crop/single activity farming/farm based project even if someone tell you
that you can get gold or diamond or platinum from it because mono culture
in anything is against principles of diversity in Mother Nature and it will
not survive for long in the lap of Mother Nature.

Please feel free to contact us any time by mail for further explanations
about the content of this mail.

*Thank you very much for spending your valuable time for reading this mail
and attachments. *

*All best wishes and prayers to Mother Nature for your well being and
success in all your ventures.*

*Bangalore Team*

*Medicinal Planters Association of India/Greenland Farms & Nursery
Services/Sustainable Development & Management Consultants Network,Palakkad
(Kerala)/Bangalore (Karnataka)*
*W: www.sdmcnetwork.blogspot.in <http://www.sdmcnetwork.blogspot.in> *
Also see our diverse posts in *www.agricultureinformation.com
<http://www.agricultureinformation.com> (Search posts by well known member:


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