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Girish Sant Memorial Fellowship 2018

Event Start Date:
30th June 2018
Event End Date:
30th June 2018
Event Venue:

Girish Sant Memorial Fellowship 2018

Girish Sant, a pioneering policy researcher and public interest advocate in the energy sector passed away unexpectedly in February 2012. Prayas and several friends and well-wishers of Girish have set up a fellowship program to encourage researchers to imbibe his values and approach of high quality analysis, commitment to social equity and emphasis on policy impacts.

Applications are invited from interested candidates to avail of fellowships to be awarded in 2018. The deadline for applications to be processed is Saturday, June 30, 2018. Details of the fellowship, the application process and selection criteria are given below.


The objectives of the fellowship are to encourage Indian researchers in the early part of their careers to take up public interest oriented research in the Indian energy sector, and to provide some financial and professional support for such research. Hence, we are looking for motivated researchers and activists / advocates who are committed to a career in public interest research in the energy sector, and who are keen to explore some research question in this space.

Details of the fellowship

  1. One fellowship would be awarded in 2018. The fellowship amount would be ₹ three lakhs or ₹ five lakhs, depending on the work proposal. Funds would be disbursed on a quarterly basis with 20% being awarded at the beginning of the fellowship and 20% at the end of every subsequent quarter.
  2. Selected fellow is expected to work by and large independently.
  3. Selected fellow can be associated with another organization. In such a case, the respective organization should agree with the research proposal and agree to mentor and guide the research activities to the extent required.
  4. The duration of the fellowship will be twelve months.
  5. The selected fellow is expected to work full-time on the fellowship during the fellowship period, even if he/she is associated with another organization.
  6. Prayas (Energy Group) encourages the fellow to spend some time at Prayas or like-minded institutions to interact and engage with the researchers there, if desired by the fellow and his/her mentor(s).
  7. Prayas (Energy Group) will be happy to provide some mentoring and guidance to the selected fellow.
  8. The fellow is expected to produce a final research report which will be available freely in the public domain, including the Prayas (Energy Group) website.
  9. The fellowship would be awarded to one individual.
  10. The fellowship program would be managed by the Girish Sant Memorial Committee and administered by Prayas (Energy Group). The decisions of the Girish Sant Memorial Committee are final and binding regarding the fellowships.

The fellowship application process

  1. The applicants should submit an application electronically for the fellowship to [email protected]. Applications should reach us by Saturday, June 30, 2018.
  2. The application – in Microsoft Word or pdf format – must contain the following details:
    1. A complete bio-data giving the candidate’s date of birth, contact details, details of education, work experience, research and other interests, and list of publications.
    2. A detailed research proposal (not exceeding five pages in single spacing 11 point font) which should contain
      1. A description of the research problem to be explored and the fellowship amount sought (₹ three lakhs or ₹ five lakhs)
      2. Relevance and importance of the problem
      3. Approach / methodology to exploring the problem including approximate timelines
      4. Name and details of the associated organization where the work would be conducted, if applicable
  3. Applicants are encouraged to ensure that the research proposal states the problem clearly and succinctly.
  4. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

The fellowship research topics

Fellowship applicants are free to propose any topic of research for the fellowship in the broad area of advancing public interest in the energy sector. These could include any mix of desk research, field work, primary data collection and surveys. As the fellowship is intended to support research activities, it will not support activities such as implementation or mobilization. The Girish Sant Memorial Committee reserves the right to decide which topics to accept or reject

Selection process

  1. Applications would be evaluated based on the bio-data of the applicant and the research proposal. The qualities that would be looked for in the application include a commitment to public interest and sustainability, clarity of thought and expression, novelty and relevance of the research problem, analytical rigour, ability to address the problem and appropriateness of the budget.
  2. The applicants who clear a preliminary evaluation of the bio-data and research proposal will also be interviewed, either in person or over telephone / internet. The suggested referees may also be contacted to gain further insights about the applicant.
  3. Upon intimation of selection as a fellow, a formal letter from the associated organization, where applicable, stating its agreement to the research proposal and willingness to support and mentor the applicant should be submitted. The selected applicant also needs to sign an undertaking agreeing to the conditions of the fellowship to complete the selection process.
  4. The entire evaluation process may take up to three months.

For more information

You may visit the website of Prayas (Energy Group) at www.prayaspune.org/peg to know more about the work of Girish Sant and Prayas (Energy Group). We welcome queries regarding the fellowship at [email protected].


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