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Gramya Manthan

Event Start Date:
14th June 2019
Event End Date:
23rd June 2019
Event Venue:
Greetings from Youth Alliance!

We are pleased to invite you to  Gramya Manthan, a 10-day rural immersion journey which takes 30 passionate change agents to remote villages in our country. The 11th edition of the program will be happening in villages near Kanpur, UP, India beginning from 14th June – 23rd June, 2019 hosted by Youth Alliance.   

The program aims at developing a deeper awareness of ourselves and the world around us.This builds through following our curiosity and discovering new understanding by creating a space to learn, to observe and engage with the diverse realities of our world. The idea is to bring ourselves into a rhythm with the surprisingly complex realities and wisdom of rural life,allowing ourselves a platform to begin to think more holistically and to challenge our preconceived notion about Indian rural communities.

Sharing an opportunity to young folks to explore themselves and the world in a micro context that has several deep insights about macro trends in the world. And hold an inquiry or what does it take to move towards a Swaraj that enables Swadharma of each.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any queries or to know more about our work with the youth.


With gratitude
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