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Hey Ram! ‘A Multilingual Cultural Evening’

Event Start Date:
27th July 2018
Event End Date:
27th July 2018
Event Venue:

Hey Ram!

A Multilingual Cultural Evening

Date27 July 2018, Friday 6.30 pm – 9 pm

VenueNayana Auditorium (Ravindra Kalakshetra premises), Bengaluru

Ø  Despite 60% of the products and services in our country is produced by hand-making people, these people still live in abject poverty! Hey Ram! 

Ø  Eco-friendly handmade goods are now taxed under GST and coerced to compete with polluting industrial counterparts! Hey Ram!

Ø  In spite of promises made to remove GST from select hand-made goods four months back, no further action has taken place! Hey Ram!

Ø  Why is this fearful level of intolerance against anyone who raise these issues! Hey Ram!

Ø  Why in the name of Ram, are people being divided rather than united and address more pressing issues! Hey Ram!

#Hey Ram! #Ya Allah! #Oh Jesus!

        Hey Ram! is a call for a national movement against the callous and inconsiderate attitude of the ruling dispensation towards the rural poor. It is also a call against the rising levels of intolerance, repressive and violent action against those with alternative views. It is also a call to introspect and find non-violent ways of countering this authoritative pollution of religion, culture, and environment.

Hey Ram! : ‘A Multilingual Cultural Evening’ is being organized as a part of this movement, by Gram Seva Sangh, a federation of rural constructive organizations.

Renowned writers, poets, activists, social thinkers, singers, and artists will participate in this event to sing, recite, perform and speak.

We heartily invite you to Participate and Join Hands With us.

Programme Details

Date: 27 July 2018, Friday 6.30 pm

VenueNayana Auditorium (Ravindra Kalakshetra premises)

  • Taayavva Musical Play Audio CD release
  • M. D. Pallavi, Vasu Dikshit and Bindumalini, Janni, Shivaswamy, Shilpa Jogatiwill present selected poems, padas, folk songs.
  • Vanamala Vishwanath will recite and present the nuances of selected poems of the epic Ramayana Darshanam 
  • You will enjoy a Puppet showby the renowned artist Shashidhar Adapa
  • Amidst all these events, theatre activist Prasanna, writers/social thinkers Rajendra Chenni,and Rahmat Tarikerewill provide contextual literary renderings

The poems and songs rendered in the event will be multi-lingual.

We have sold tickets of this event without collecting or paying the GST!

Do Join Us!


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