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How Children Learn

Event Start Date:
6th October 2017
Event End Date:
8th October 2017
Event Venue:

Existential Knowledge Foundation is planning a 3-day
workshop in Bangalore to understand deeply, what is meant by LEARNING
and how children learn naturally.

VENUE-   Visthar, http://www.visthar.org/ KRC Road, Kothanur
DATE        6th, 7th and 8th October

Literates learn the WORD; children learn the WORLD!


The process of learning, content of learning and children seem to be
the most misunderstood aspects of modernity. This is because language
and thought have become the source and means for exploration whereas
the Real ‘knowledge’ lies outside the realm of language and thought.
But, since we are trained to learn the word alone, we have allowed and
developed our cognitive system to understand the word alone. The way
in which language organizes the world also impacts development of our
cognitive system. We not only bypass the real world in this process
but also numb our senses/ body related cognitive system.

Once children go through schooling, due to the numbing of their
senses, their creativity and sensitivity are lost. No amount of art
education or moral stories will help children in regaining their
natural and inherent possibilities.

Thus, we will be exploring the following questions during the workshop:

What is learning and how does what we learn form our ‘beingness’?

Why do we need knowledge at all? Is it just for employment or are
there any existential reasons?

Why is that we are not aware of our own damage; The cognitive damages
of the modern schooling process?

Why have we become blind to the inherent propensity and natural
process of learning in children?

How children learn the real world and how are children misled from
this natural process- the context and conditions and activities that
are responsible for the ‘formation’ of the child’s being.

Is there a natural process of learning the world with the help of the
word? Or what is the role of language in the creation of knowledge?

Do see the link http://childrenimitateadults.weebly.com/ to know
further about the exploratory workshop.

Jinan, Ranjana, Amol, Zoe, Narendra


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