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National Conference on Urban Sustainability

Event Start Date:
27th April 2019
Event End Date:
27th April 2019
Event Venue:


Organized by: LAYA, Samuchit Enviro Tech and INECC

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

and supported by Engagement Global, Germany.

Date and Venue: Saturday, 27 April 2019, Venue: YASHADA, Baner, Pune.

We at Samuchit Enviro Tech, LAYA and Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC) are working on urban sustainability through a joint collaboration in Pune, Maharashtra.

The projects undertaken include Sustainably SMART Pune 2030, calculating carbon footprint of urban citizens, policy advocacy on sustainable development goals focused on sustainable cities, quality education and clean energy, youth engagement in climate awareness and mitigation by undertaking carbon audit of college campus under the theme Yuvadrushtri, and Citizens Charter and Action Agenda for Sustainable Pune. Apart from these the individual organizations are involved in several grassroot level

● Samuchit Enviro Tech is a social enterprise that enables sustainability for
individuals, households, institutions and small businesses. It works as a service and
product provider for various ecofriendly interventions in Pune.
● LAYA an NGO based in Visakhapatnam has been working primarily with adivasi
communities with an alternate paradigm of development based on inclusive,
equitable and sustainable livelihoods.
● INECC is a national network of likeminded individuals and organizations from
various states of India basically concerned with the issue of Climate Change,
Sustainable Development and Social Justice. All the initiatives under this network
favour People’s Voices in Policy Choices.

We recently completed the first phase of our project titled Sustainably SMART Pune by 2030. The project work was primarily based on critical examination of the urban development policies, in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that the current urban development paradigm ignores socio-economic inequity, climate change impacts as well as vulnerabilities and ecological impacts. We have therefore come up with an alternative that we call ‘Sustainably SMART’ urbanization. Our model is based on the belief that for a sustainable future, a city needs to account for its intake, output, and efficiency of resource use and decide on the limits to its growth. Our model is strongly rooted in the Sustainable Development Goal framework.

Citizens are the largest stakeholders of the city who if sensitized about these issues can form informed pressure groups and impact policy decisions. We interacted with citizen groups in Pune on our concept of urban sustainability and the SDG framework, and helped citizens articulate their aspirations for a sustainable urban living. This led to the Citizens Charter for Sustainable city, and an action agenda based on people’s perspective.

In the process of the project we realized that many efforts to embed sustainability are ongoing in different sectors of urban development e.g. Comprehensive Mobility Plan, Pune Bicycle Plan, 100 Resilient Cities etc in Pune city. Several other cities are undertaking sustainability-focused initiatives e.g. heritage centered SMART city development of Madurai, Zero waste /Landfill free city initiative in Indore, etc.

In view of these considerations, the Objectives of the Conference are:
(a) To share urban sustainability perspectives and ground level work experiences
aligned with SDG framework with people and institutions engaged with local urban
sustainability issues in different cities in Maharashtra state, as well as other parts of
(b) To share case studies on the role of education in urban sustainability, and to
brainstorm on effective strategies to educate urban citizens in general, and urban
youth in particular on sustainability challenges and solutions.
(c) To document and brainstorm on innovative and effective strategies for education
and sustainability initiatives in the urban context.
(d) To reflect on and form partnerships for making Pune city Sustainable by 2030.

We invite papers based on original research or outreach work broadly fitting into the
conference objectives but focused on the thematic areas described below. We also invite
urban citizens, organizations, institutions, etc., to participate in the meeting and contribute
to the interactions.
Guideline for Paper submissions
Papers based on the following themes will be considered:
● Housing for all
● Safe and affordable Transport
● Cultural and Natural Heritage
● Citizens Participation in Governance
● Disaster risks Mitigation
● Solid and Liquid Waste management and Air Pollution
● Access to safe green open spaces
● Operationalizing SDG 11 for urban sustainability in India
● Sustainability education in urban context

Abstracts of maximum 200 words will go through a review process and suitable papers shall be accepted for Oral (10-min) Paper presentations or Poster presentations. Papers based only on literature reviews or reviews of work done by others will not be considered. The papers must be based on work done either fully or partially by the author(s).

Criteria for prioritizing papers for oral presentation are as follows:
● the work reported in the paper converges / touches upon more than one of the
above themes
● the work involves collaboration between authors and collaborators from various
sectors in the urban ecosystem and multiple disciplines

The Conference is open for all including academicians, government officials, professionals, NGO representatives, researchers and think tank members, representatives of businesses concerned with urban sustainability in India, and urban citizens. We also invite NGOs and social enterprises in Pune to participate in the Exhibition for Sustainable Pune which will be organized as a part of the conference.

There is no fee for attending the conference, but registration is mandatory to help us with logistical arrangements. Click on this link for registration The Conference will be conducted in English. No travel and other support will be available for outstation participants. We can help arrange accommodation in Pune on a self-payment basis. There is no charge for participating in the Exhibition, and the exhibitors can also sell from the exhibits.

Tentative Structure of the Conference
● Invited talks on SDG linkages of urban sustainability
● Case studies of sustainable interventions for urban development from across India –
invited panel
● Case studies of sustainable interventions for urban development from across
Maharashtra – invited panel
● Paper presentations – submissions requested
● Poster presentations – submissions requested
● Exhibition on local sustainable interventions in Pune city – participation invited
● Valedictory address by a special invitee

Post Event
All the presentations and discussion videos will be shared publicly through YouTube.
E-version of Book of Abstracts will be published.
Opportunities of replicating the projects and activities in other cities will be explored and
implemented through partnerships.
Deadline for submitting Abstracts/Exhibition proposal: March 31, 2019
Deadline for registration: April 15, 2019
In case of any queries, please contact:
Pournima Agarkar on [email protected]samuchit.com OR
send a WhatsApp message to Samuchit Enviro Tech on 9226894206.



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