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National Water Convention

Event Start Date:
2nd December 2017
Event End Date:
3rd December 2017
Event Venue:

*Invitation for National Water Convention*

*‘Water conservation and river rejuvenation for drought-free India’*

Dear Friend,


As you know, we all met in Bijapur Karnataka on August 16-18,2017 where we brought people working on water and environment of 101 river basins of the country on one platform. During this national convention, we held detailed discussions about water, environment and river rejuvenation for three days. Delegates from across the country accepted the fact that the climate change
impact is aggravating day by day. While on one hand, many parts of the country are struggling with floods, on the other, many places are continuously witnessing severe droughts.

Farmers and labourers are being badly affected due to the changing weather patterns. The effects of unfavourable weather conditions are continuously worsening. Due to the intensifying water-crisis, people are forced to migrate from the rural to the urban areas. The villages are left with no scope for employment and livelihood and now, the rural populations are also being deprived of water. As such, people are looking for ways out from this crisis. So far, both the government and the society have looked careless to
find a permanent solution to this situation.

Today, India is witnessing 10 percent more drought and 8 percent more floods as compared to the Independence period. Most of the rivers in the country are flowing at their lowest-strength. In some regions, the issues of droughts and floods are so grave that people are finding it extremely tough to survive. Government, society, voluntary organisations and other civil society members need to come together and work to reduce the magnitude of the destructions due to floods and droughts in these regions.

In this context, a national water convention is being organized on the subject, *‘Drought, famine and river rejuvenation’* at *Khajuraho in Bundelkhand on December 2-3, 2017*. The convention would see the participation of political leaders, bureaucrats, social workers and others who would brain-storm for making the roadmaps to find long-term solutions for the issues like droughts and floods.

The national event is being organized in the most deprived regions of the country, Bundelkhand. This region is suffering from severe climate change challenges for the last two decades. This national water convention is being organized as a part of the series of programmes being undertaken to make India drought and famine-free by fighting the climate change problems.

The food and accommodation to you all would be provided by the local Bundelkhand people. You are kindly requested to bear the expense of the travel on your own. Please, mark the above-mentioned dates in your journal and ensure your presence in the national event at Khajuraho.

Thanking you


*Rajendra Singh *


*Sanjay Singh *

*National Convener*

*Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan*

*Mobile: +91-9415114151*

Registration Link: http://psss.jaljanjodoabhiyan.org/forms/registration/

Shilpgram, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh 471606


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