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Next Earth Conference

Event Start Date:
10th June 2019
Event End Date:
30th June 2019
Event Venue:
UC Santa Barbara

Next Earth: Teaching Climate Change Across the Disciplines

A Nearly-Carbon Neutral Conference at UC Santa Barbara

June 10-30, 2019


This conference is occurring largely online. During the conference, which is now taking place for the next three weeks, talks are available for viewing on the conference website. Q&A will also take place online during this period, as participants and registered attendees will be able to pose questions to speakers via online comments and speakers will be able to reply in the same way. Both the talks and Q&A sessions will remain up on the website as a permanent archive of the event.

While we realize that this approach will not replicate the face-to-face interaction of a conventional conference talk and Q&A, we hope that it will nonetheless promote lively discussion, as well as help build a community of scholars with intersecting teaching and research interests. An advantage to this approach is that individuals who would not otherwise be able to become involved in the conference (owing to distance or financial limitations for example) will be able to fully take part. And significantly, this will allow our students to do so as well.  There will be no registration fee for the conference. Although this online conference will have its own carbon footprint, as data centers and web activity also require energy, we expect that it will only be a small fraction of that of a conventional conference, likely just 1-3%.

As noted above, the talks will become part of a permanent conference archive open to the public.

With gratitude,

John Foran, co-coordinator [email protected]

Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies

Ken Hiltner, co-coordinator [email protected]
Professor of English and Environmental Studies


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