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NHCPM Conference

Event Start Date:
5th October 2017
Event End Date:
8th October 2017
Event Venue:
LehraGaga, Punjab

 All India Conference of Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement

 from 5th  to 8th October, 2017

 LehraGaga (Dist Sangrur) Punjab , India

Presently  the human community alongwith  other bio-phenomena on this earth is confronted with the most  serious challenge of  life or death  i.e., global warming or climate change and extreme serious  social crisis  in its existential history. Broadly,  it is a two-dimensional crisis. One is  the crisis of environmental degradation in   general, and  each of its components ( air, water, land, forest, bio-diversity, ozone-layer , ocean-acidification, etc) in particular. And other is crisis of dehumanisation of the present human society ( called a ‘free and open democracy’ with its over 2.5 centuries old theory and practice) in general and each of its social aspects ( i.e., sociology, vision, peoples belief and motivation, political performance, covering its international, national, and local aspect; economic process dealing  with international , national and local features and cultural ethics relating to all its components, i.e., education, science and technology , language, art, music, dance, drama ,architecture, sculpture, painting, crafts, etc manner of speech, dress, behaviour pattern showing its positive and negative sides, etc) in particular

World renowned scientist Prof Stephen Hawking said that “we are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action could push the earth over the brink, to become like Venus with a temperature of 250 degree C, and raining sulphuric acids. Climate change is one of the great dangers we face and it is one we can prevent if we act now. ……………….”

The reports of UNEP certifies the suicidal approach of ruling corporate political parties and business circle which is Money-centric, Market-led and selfish-oriented so they have neither limited nor decreased the emission of GHGs. The ruling and leading corporate thinkers, experts, politicians, economists and cultural elite have neither made the people conscious nor organised them regarding the life and death question thus playing anti-environment and anti-people role.  Today US have become Chief-Ecological-Terrorist of the world.

Some important  areas through which climate change could stall and then reverse human development: (a) Agriculture sector and food security and loss in agricultural production, (b) water stress and water insecurity,(c) rising sea levels and flood disasters through cyclones, (d) increasing  spans of droughts and intensity of floods, (e) loss of eco-system and bio-diversity, (f) Human health—-major killer diseases could expand their coverage—Malaria, Dengue, HIV/AIDS, Birds flu, Swine flu, Ebola, Zika etc and other infectious diseases.

India has a high percentage of arable land as compared to many bigger and developed countries, while India shares about 2.4 percent of world geographical area, but it has to support about 17 percent of the world ‘s population and over 20 percent of worlds’ livestock It has an edge  in geographical location as well with so much sunlight year around. It can go in for double or even multiple cropping systems that can  feed the world people also. But chemicalized agriculture and anti-ecological industrialisation ( now in the garb of industrial corridors)  can devastate  the whole agro-components of India. Industrial agriculture has been given a new pseudo- pro-climate face during COP-22 at Marrakech in Morocco as CLIMATE-SMART – AGRICULTURE as answer to  climate change is totally a hoax and an  open deception because it is a hybrid-brand of industrial-cum-chemical  agriculture, genetic modified seeds and climate adoption.

You are cordially invited to participate in the four days conference of Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement

Moreover, it is pertinent to mention that we are also inviting all the positive forces, right-thinking and humanist elements, rational and reasonable persons, pro-people, environmentalist, human rightists, progressive people to participate in the conference.

You are further requested to extend  this invitation to your known above cited elements, force or organisation.

Your participation can lead us further to hold  SAARC level conference, conference of developing countries and world conference  on Nature-Human centric Agenda.

An alternative way-out

1)      Nature-Human Centric Sociology holds that man and nature are two most important factors on our earth and within human society they constitute the real capital of  society and without them nothing has any value. The prevailing corporate capital of dollar, euro, pound rupees etc  are only Legal Tender  as medium of exchange.

2)         The change and development in human society  takes place due to two-sided interaction—that between nature and human society, on the one hand, and that within human society itself, on the other.

3)         Environmental sustainability at all times and climes

4)         Social security to every needy and deprived.

5)         Maximum income difference be rationalised to 1:5 ratio

6)         Empowerment of peoples  in place of  corporate capitalist supported  corrupt  political parties  and business circles.

7)         Production must be bio-social need oriented, not guided by market or profit.

8)         All round transparency to reduce the privilege of special powers

9)         Giving top priority to world peace, resolving all conflicts including  that of Jammu- Kashmir  a dispute between India and Pakistan be resolved trilaterally ( India, Pakistan and Jammu-Kashmir People)

10)       Establishing the strong bonds of brotherhood among World peoples and destroying all  mass destruction weapons.

11)       Agriculture being Life-Line of human society be provided 50 percent budget of state, centre and world for natural farming.

12)       Enviro-People-led democracy  having decision making power to concerned peoples from village to globe and de-monopolizing  the politics by organising multi-assemblies as Developmental  assembly,  Cultural assembly, Agricultural assembly and  political assembly.

13)       Step by step democratic change in the power structure and the functioning of UN by scraping Veto power in Security Council and  democratising  all other international organisations and nation-states.

Agenda of Conference

Documents for circulation 1) Present world corporate system is root cause of all ills, eco-bio terrorism with tall slogans of national development, nationalism will doom us all. Needs reorganisation on the basis of Nature-human Centric agenda.

2) India at the crossroads, India’s fundamental problem of De-humanisation –cum-climate change and its epicentre of majoritarianism 3) Corporatization of agriculture heading toward a dreadful crisis, its cause lies in anti-farmer policies of government. Only way out is empowerment of farmers by organising agriculture on people-environment-led cooperative basis. 4) A realistic, viable and rational approach concerning Jammu-Kashmir problem. 5) Programme and Constitution of Nature-human Centric Peoples Movement  6) Work report of all India Committee 7) Any other points.

(Break up  and time management will be circulated in the conference)

Sajjan  Kumar                    Motia  Mishra      Didar Singh                      Sukhdev Singh

President                           V. President          Secretary                             Treasurer

09001826467                      9796669741        09419740251                     09915342232                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

sajjankumarnhcpm@gmail.com,  didarsingh6418@gmail.com, sukhdev.nhcpm@gmail.com

All India Committee members:–Roop Chand Makhnotra,  Ghanshyam Democrat, Manna Ram Dangi, Girdhari Ram, Prem Singh Namdhari, Sumant Gramle, Shatrughan Dangi, Gurdarsan Khattra, Gurlab Singh, Kulwant Singh, Satya Prakash Bharat, Bharat Kumar, Balwan Nehra, Nageshwar Rao, Shakuntla Saruparia,  Praveen Kumar Pranav,  Brijbala Sharma, Dr Susai Sandanam, N P sami, V Susai Raj, G N Reddy .

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