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Organic World Congress 2017

Event Start Date:
9th November 2017
Event End Date:
11th November 2017
Event Venue:
Greater Noida

Organised by IFOAM Organics International and Organic Farmers Association of India

The Organic World Congress is held every 3 years in a different country. The aim of the congress and related activities (pre-conference, General Assembly, side-events and organic exhibition) is to share experiences, innovations and knowledge about the organic world, while giving the organizing country global visibility.

The Congress provides inspiration and an extraordinary momentum for all those who take part. It is the leading event for the development of the organic sector worldwide. The OWC 2017 will encourage organic farmers to dominate the presentation halls, sharing their knowledge and innovations with the rest of the organic world farming community.

OWC 2017 India is unique in many ways. It will be mainly an organic farmers congress. This is the first time that 3 halls out of 8 are being set aside exclusively for presentations by organic farmers of their work.

The OWC is an event in which discussions relating to organic farming are located under 4 Tracks:

  1. Farmers Track (3 Halls)
  2. Scientific Track (1 Hall)
  3. Main Track (2 Halls)
  4. Marketing Track (1 Hall)

    For more details on each track: www.owc.ifoam.bio

Official website:


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