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Event Start Date:
20th March 2018
Event End Date:
20th March 2018
Event Venue:
Wayanad, Kerala

Chakka Manga Valley, a 3-acre farm in Wayanad, Kerala, invites you to RECONNECT, to experience simple community living and reconnect to your mind, body and heart, to friends and to the Earth.

You may come anytime in the month of March, 2018. Minimum stay is 3 days but 1 week is recommended as it takes a few days just to adjust from city life.

Some things you may experience include:
– Building a small mud home (cob/adobe style)
– Organic farming (building a food forest mostly)
– Using a ‘treadle pump’
– Building an underground round meeting hall
– Cooking together
– Music & dance, massage, stargazing, relaxing
– Authentic Relating Games
– Share what you have to share!

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