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Sharing Nature Workshops

Event Start Date:
15th November 2019
Event End Date:
18th November 2019
Event Venue:
Chail, Himachal Pradesh



Renew yourself by connecting to Nature in highly effective ways with one of the planet’s most widely respected and beloved Nature immersion experience, used by millions of people since 1979. The award-winning Sharing Nature® books and workshops have inspired countless individuals and organizations to deepen their relationship with Nature and care for the earth.

Our creative and fun activities will be conducted in pristine cedar forest of Chail Sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh. They will immerse you into Nature bringing you into attunement with it and renewing your spirit. In addition, you will gain the skills and the confidence to guide others to experience the same connection for their own renewal or to serve as a tool for a highly engaged learning experience.

Dates and Location

Two workshops of two-day each are scheduled as below:

First Workshop: 15-16 Nov, 2019 (check-in on 14th at 1600 hrs.)
Second Workshop: 17-18 Nov, 2019 (check-in on 16th at 1600 hrs.)

You will need to arrive on the evening prior to first day of workshop. You leave on the evening of second day of workshop (third day from arrival). Travel notes can be found below.

Chail Sanctuary, spread over 101 sq.km – an area as large as Chandigarh city, is made up of dense forests of Pine, Oak and Deodar trees. Participants will leave the resort each morning around 10 AM to go the sanctuary area where they will spend the day engaged in Sharing Nature activities. Lunch and refreshments will be served in the forest itself while breakfast and dinner will be at the resort.


Participants will be staying at Treehouse Chail Villas resort during the workshop.


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