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Swaraj – Handmade Discovery Week

Event Start Date:
2nd October 2017
Event End Date:
5th October 2017
Event Venue:

Pls RSVP here: bit.ly/RSVP-HandmadeDiscoveryWeekOct2017

This is a 4 day event, spread over 2 venues:

Mon, 2nd Oct 2017 – Bhoomi Utsav, Bhoomi College, Sarjapur Road
Tue, 3rd Oct – Thu, 5th Oct 2017 – Radio Active, Jain College, Palace Road.

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Come listen to the knowledgeable speakers who have created magic by establishing collectives and collaborations that have revived the industry, and showcase the way forward to regaining our Swaraj!

And come purchase the incredibly beautiful products at display by the manufacturers themselves, support them by purchasing their products, and feel proud to own and display some of the most beautiful things ever made by mankind with his/her own hands.

Swaraj – Handmade Discovery Week, is an exploration of the most sustainable and healthy form of manufacture, and the healthiest products for us and the planet!

The traditional forms of handicraft and textile are based on a local economy model, involving entire communities, from use of native non exploitative raw materials, organic inputs, individuals and families contributing every step of the way, from hand manufacturing, hand spinning, handloom weaving, dyeing. These produced the most ecofriendly products to the most wearable fabrics known to man.

This is a process that involves no energy use, no chemicals, no intense water use, and generates immense livelihoods for every penny that changes hands!

A sustainable Economic model, a collaborative and collective model, which offers a cure for every malaise that has been created by the modern centralised model of manufacture! It also makes rural areas more resilient.

If India has to regain its primary position in the world of manufacture, this is perhaps the way to go, go back to our roots, and revive the SWARAJ that Gandhiji was so passionate about, so much so, he chose the CHARAKA as the symbol for our Freedom Struggle; for he realised that our struggle was not so much a struggle from political domination, as it was a freedom from the modern economic paradigm which was being forced on India, the markets of factory made products, that were destroying the livelihoods of millions, at the cost of cheaper, lower quality factory made goods.

The war continues, we have yet to see the freedom from this modern economy which has been destroying our planet, our ecosystems, and our economic systems, that sustained India for thousands of years, keeping it at the top of the world until the British destroyed it.

Let’s revisit the call of Gandhiji for Swaraj, by re-engaging and understanding what it was all about, and what Gandhiji really wanted us to regain, to re-establish the local, village development models that were well established before self serving colonialism weakened it. The development of our country doesn’t lie in the development of our cities, it lies in re-establishing the prosperity of our villages, and redeveloping the industries that produced the best fabrics of the world, the fabrics that were never matched by factory made manufacturing!

Jai Hind!


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