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Tank desilting

Event Start Date:
30th June 2017
Event End Date:
30th June 2017
Event Venue:
Sirsi, Karnataka


In Sirsi, Karntaka

Background: Uttara Kannada district in Karntaka , south India is part of the western ghats, on of the eighteen biodiversity hotspots in the world. The region is well known for the forest and agricultural diversity, both cultivated and uncultivated. Tanks as water harvesting structures have been the life line of agriculture and forestry. They provide regular source of water for irrigation to cultivate at least one crop of paddy/rice, with erratic monsoon rains. However since decades the tank de silting work has not been done and most of the tanks have been converted into waste land, and are unable to store water.

Chowdi Kere (Name of the tank)

The location of the present tank rehabilitation work to be undertaken is in midst of the forest areas in the rain shadow region, on the edge of Western Ghats, near Sirsi Banavasi Road. This tank was constructed during the colonial period by British during the early 19th centenary. As regular maintenance is not done, it has silted and is unable to store the water.

The Need for de stilting: Why there is an urgent need for de silting this tank? Why this should be done? Who is going to benefit from this tank regeneration?

By taking up the des silting work, it will recharge the underground water table in the region and help in providing water to wild life that inhibit the forest. It will provide potable drinking water to dalit families who are the immediate beneficiaries in the downstream. These families are unable to cultivate their land since last two years due to failure of monsoon rains. Once the tank regeneration work is completed, the tank will be able to store the rain water and provide assured irrigation to grow at least one crop, mainly rice that supports the livelihood needs of the poorest groups.

The wildlife will specifically benefit from the tank as they do not have any other source of water in the forests.

Climate change and tank regeneration; The regeneration of the tank will be able to address the issue of climate change by building the resilience of the water bodies to store water and increase the moisture level in the soil of agricultural land and surrounding forest areas. This is the safest way to provide water and moisture security to the farmers around the command area of the tank.

Tank Area: This is a small tank covering the area of about one acre  in the forest region of Navangeri bordering Vaddinkoppa in Banavasi forest Range in Sirsi Taluka, Uttara Kannada district.

Work that needs to be undertaken:

1 Tank de silting about ten feet deep to allow water storage during monsoon months.

2 Constructing the bunds on two sides of the tank

3 Water course entering the tanks to be cleaned and maintained

4 Planting trees around the tank and in the catchment areas to prevent evaporation during summer months.


1 Dalit farmers, about 15 families, assuring water security for 80 acres, to cultivating food crop, especially rice.

2 These farmers keep drought animals and cattle, and the tank will provide regular source of water to maintain these cattle, for which they are presently fetching water from three kilometres.

3 This tank will benefit the wild life, as this is the main water hole in the surrounding forest areas.

4 The regeneration will raise the underground water table in the downstream.

Maintenance of the tank: Once the tank is de silted, a committee of farmers and women farmers would be set up to manage the tank. If the rain fall is good during the current monsoons, the water storage will provide an opportunity for fish rearing; this aquaculture will provide regular income to maintain the tank on a sustainable basis.

This management committee will also implement the equitable water sharing among the downstream farmers.

Proposed budget/Costs of Regeneration

Tank de silting: Earth work removing silt

For one acre seven feet deep: Rs 1 00 000

Implementing Agency: Prakruti , a nongovernmental organisation based in Sirsi, Karnataka with the help of local farmers groups.

Funding issues: The tank is in the Reserve Forest, so the Revenue authorities said that they will not be able to take up the work in forest area. The forest department said it has no funds for tank distilling. Local Panchyat and Zilla Parishad, and MLA was approached to provide funds, but they said that it is not possible for them to help.

Under these circumstances we thought of collecting funds from those interested individuals who are able to donate funds to rejuvenate this tank.

Prakruti has income tax exemption under section 80 G for the donations made for this purpose.

Donations can be sent directly to the bank account: The details are


Name of the Account: PRAKRUTI

Bank: State Bank of India, Branch Sirsi( Uttara Kannada)

Savings Bank account number:  10816616383

IFS Code:  SBIN0000917

Email: appiko@gmail.com

Contact: Pandurang Hegde


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