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Urban Village UnConference

Event Start Date:
15th September 2018
Event End Date:
15th September 2018
Event Venue:

We are happy to announce the 8th Pune Urban Village UnConference 

on the 15th of September 

from 10 am – 5 pm

at the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts

Viman Nagar. 

UnConferences are Open Hearted Spaces of connecting, bonding, exchanging and learning in Freedom.

Come explore that at the Pune Urban Village UnConference – it’s all about community, connections, sharing, learning and lots and lots of fun. 

This is an invitation to explore

organic, healthier ways of living, learning, and loving;

sustainable lifestyles, relationships and deep friendships;

being a village again in the midst of our busy-ness;

slowing down to meet life and each other in this hyper-connected internet age.


We begin with an Opening Circle at 10 am, which will be followed by various activities facilitated by participants in an open space format. We will have space for a few tables where participants can display their wares and ideas. 

In a world rushing towards depletion of resources and extinction of species, the Pune Urban Village UnConference is a time and space to 


break out of set patterns, to truly ‘see’ each other and ourselves beneath our masks, to experience the joy of sharing our gifts, skills, talents and passions;

rest in the joy of what Life can be, and in fact, already IS, if only we take that pause, that time out, and create that space for ourselves and each other.

 Before the event we recommend taking a little time to reflect and ‘feel into’ how best we could contribute.

The contributions could be through:

 Offering a session based on one’s talents and passions (handicrafts, local production, arts, song, dance, discussion, teaching calculus, astronomy…)

Deepening learning by attending sessions that intrigue us and being an active participant.

Having a display table for things we have made or things that represent what we feel are worth sharing about

Offering something at the Dariya Dil Dukaan (shop of the Open Hearted), for someone else to pick up for free.

Volunteering at the event, helping new people unfamiliar with this seeming chaos to make their contributions.

Participants are encouraged to ‘own the space‘ and experiment with Self Organization.

It is recommended to be at the Opening Circle where there will be fun, bonding and games as well as an explanation of how to make best use of the day and at the Closing Circle to harvest, reflect and share.

So, come join us on the 15th of September at the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Viman Nagar.

10 am – 5pm

Register at goo.gl/Fp5uQd



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