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Event Start Date:
17th November 2017
Event End Date:
19th November 2017
Event Venue:

Day 1, 17 November: ‘How do we read Hind Swaraj?: The story of a book, an incorrigible dissident, and a few vexing questions that refuse to go away’

Day 2, 18 November: ‘Tales of Resistance: Why Asking Questions May Be A Good Idea’

Day 3, 19 November: ‘Working with our hands and bodies

The event is open to all.

For more information please contact Subrat Beura: [email protected]

“This is about songs and stories, which have been integral part of both human life and history. Travellers across
time and space, songs and stories have had scant regard for borders and boundaries, walls and fences. Attempts to
contain them, keep them bounded, by arbitrarily drawing boundaries across geographical space or the human body
have not succeeded.

Songs and stories have proven to be resilient creatures. Like the old banyan tree, under whose shade many a song and stories are performed in this part of the world, they branch off, the branches become roots and roots become new trunks. What is the centre and what is the periphery? Songs and stories that live, challenge the notions of what is central and what is marginal; in the unyielding voice of the oppressed they mock the loud noise of those claiming to be masters of
the universe.

Songs and stories can do things like that because inherent in them is the possibility of going beyond the given; seeking the unknown is intrinsic to their nature. The world of songs and stories is not one of neatly ordered certainties and categories; their truth is not at the exclusion of feelings and sensibility, desires and dreams, hopes and aspirations. They are a reminder that life is not a clock-work; it is not about the mechanistic repetition of the same but the living reality of diversity and difference.

Songs and stories bear witness to human struggle for emancipation and freedom, not by subsuming diversity and difference but by giving them voice.”


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