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Water Future Conference

Event Start Date:
24th September 2019
Event End Date:
27th September 2019
Event Venue:

The Sustainable Water Future Programme (Water Future) of Future Earth is organizing the first international conference of Water Future titled ‘Towards a Sustainable Water Future’ in Bengaluru, India. The conference will be hosted by Divecha Centre for Climate Change, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.


The conference will address the current state of global water resource challenges, future pathways and scenarios, and different technological, institutional solutions to accelerate the implementation of water-related Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda targets with an aim of ‘leaving no one behind’. Around 1200 participants all across the globe are expected to attend the conference thus giving a major opportunity for academics, water practitioners, policymakers, scientists, civil society and government officials to discuss the direction that the global science community should take in order to solve myriad of challenges affecting our water systems in real time, and develop new frontiers for innovative solutions.

The conference will be a forerunner to a high-level political event called the Budapest Water Summit scheduled a month after this conference. The outcome of the conference is expected to be a valuable input to this summit in Budapest.

Abstract submission


The Sustainable Water Future Programme (Water Future) of Future Earth invites academics, researchers, scientists, practitioners and policymakers from around the globe to submit abstracts for presentation at our Water Future Conference to be held in Bangalore, India. The conference is divided into ten themes, namely,  Measure Sustainability in Water Space, Water Ethics, Water Quality, Groundwater Future that we want, DG implementation, Water Security  Development-Leaving no one behind, Ecological Management of Water, Resilience in the urban water system, Water and Climate Change, and Water Energy Food Nexus. It also includes six cross-cutting themes namely Water Governance, Water Solutions for the 21st Century, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Comprehensive assessment of the state of water, Water Sanitation and Health and Capacity Development. The conference will offer high-quality daily keynotes speeches, plenary panel discussion sessions, theme-based presentations of technical papers, assessments and case studies, exhibits from businesses and water-related institutions and partners, opportunities for side meetings, break-outs and networking and social events to summarize proceedings and to celebrate the conference.

The submission period ends on February 28th, 2019


Guidelines for submitting abstracts

  • All abstract should be submitted online
  • Abstracts should be submitted under one of the broad themes relevant to a topic or sub-topic mentioned under it
  • The authors need to mention the names and affiliation(s) of all co-author(s) along with a short summary and answer all 5 questions clearly highlighting the novelty or innovation of the research and its application/applicability
  • Both original and published research will be accepted for presentation at the conference
  • All text should be written in English and appropriately structured for peer-review
  • Figures, tables and mathematical equations are not allowed as a part of the submission. It should be added to the presentation made at the conference
  • Mathematical symbols, acronyms and abbreviations should be defined clearly before use
  • Authors can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts as first-author
  • The abstracts will be peer-reviewed and will be selected based on relevance vis-a-vis thematic scope and quality of content.




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