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Event Start Date:
26th September 2017
Event End Date:
26th September 2017
Event Venue:

The Coalition for Human Rights in Development invites you to a webinar on
Tools for Environmental and Human Rights Defenders: Demystifying Development Banks

 Tuesday, 26 September 2017 at 10:30 am -12:00 pm Indochina time / 3:30-5:00am GMT

Human rights and environmental defenders around the world are fighting against infrastructure, energy and agriculture developments that fail to consult communities or respect their rights. As shown in various reports, many countries in Asia region are among the most dangerous for such human rights and environmental defenders. One critical tool in this fight is knowing how to leverage the public banks which finance these development projects in order to access information, influence development proposals, prevent harm, and hold corporations and governments accountable.

This Demystifying Development Banks webinar targeted for defenders and bank watcher groups in Asia region will provide human rights and environmental defender groups with a general understanding of how development banks operate and practical strategies for safeguarding defenders in development contexts.

1. Sukhgerel Dugersuren, Oyu Tolgoi Watch

2. Tom Weerachat, International Accountability Project
3. Rayyan Hassan, NGO Forum on ADB
4. TBC

I. The connection between development finance and defenders
II. How development banks work and how to access information
III. Policies and complaint mechanisms
IV. Advocacy strategies and campaigns
If you have specific questions you would like to make sure get addressed, please send them to Prabin at .
You can read about past webinars on the issue at the links – https://goo.gl/mGVi4f (for the webinar organized in English) and https://goo.gl/chCcLz (for the webinar organized for Latin America and Caribbean region).
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