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Water & Soil Workshop

Event Start Date:
14th April 2018
Event End Date:
15th April 2018
Event Venue:
Vanvadi, near Pune


at Vanvadi on April 14-15, by Vasantbhau Futane and Bharat Mansata.

The workshop will address the severe twin problems of water scarcity (with plunging groundwater levels), and massive soil erosion and degradation, both arising from poor land care and destruction of nature. Even high rainfall regions like the Konkan Western Ghats now face severe water shortage, as community open wells dry up earlier each year, especially in upland adivasi villages.

The workshop will be bilingual, in Marathi and English, for the benefit of villager-farmers, and interested urban folk. Vasantbhau and Bharat will provide an overall introduction to rainwater harvesting and soil conservation. Vasantbhau will also provide practical training on how to mark out contour lines and make contour bunds/trenches, as suitable. About 2 hours of discussion will focus on specific local problems and needs.

The workshop will start at 10 am on Saturday, April 14, and end by 4 pm on Sunday, April 15. The outdoor practical sessions, which will explain theory too, will be from 4 pm to 6.30 pm on Saturday, and 8 am to 10.30 am on Sunday. The rest of the workshop will be indoors, in the shade.

Those desiring more hands-on practice in marking contour lines and making contour bunds/trenches – on Sunday evening and Mondaymorning – are welcome to stay over at Vanvadi till Monday noon. (Participants are requested to bring light clothing, bed-sheet, and a torch. Something to protect your head from the sun would also be helpful.)

A voluntary contribution of Rs 2,400 per urban participant is requested to cover all costs of training, food, and shared (dormitory-style) accommodation. For local villagers/farmers, the workshop will be free. To register, please email [email protected], with a copy to Vasantbhai at [email protected]. You would then be requested to deposit advance payment to confirm your registration.


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