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Participatory environmental governance workshop

Event Start Date:
23rd November 2018
Event End Date:
24th November 2018
Event Venue:
New Delhi

With the problems of massive and all pervasive environmental pollution affecting a very large number of people across India, Asia and the developing world, it has become important for the citizens — more so for concerned CSOs — to break the Passive receiver of selected information, without even knowing what is harming them more.

The idea of a functioning democracy calls for empowerment of every citizen and ensuring citizen participation in all spheres of governance. The area of Environmental Governance has been kept largely out of this public participation, making it an area only for “experts”.   The present workshop, after our 2-3 small efforts in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Tamilnadu, in collaboration with GGF (in Jharkhand – for CSOs from Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Odisha), with Dakhsin Banga Matsyajibi Forum for West Bengal groups and a short session in collaboration with CAG & CAN in Chennai.

Moving further in that path, PAIRVI is organising an introductory 2-day workshop on Participatory Environmental Governance by citizens.

This will introduce the participants to several types of pollutants, their sources, their impacts, and what ordinary citizens / CSOs can do with minimal resources,  through understanding the concepts, knowing basic tools and methodologies of measurement of some of the most prominent pollution parameters etc.

The workshop is on Nov.23-24, at the Indian Social Institute, Lodhi Road institutional area.


Apart from concept building, there will be some hands on training on Air, Water and Noise pollution monitoring. We invite participants from CSos who can then try to use these in strengthening participatory environmental governance. Pls inform confirmed participants at least 3 days in advance  as equipment and other arrangeents are necessary.

Visit: http://pairvi.org/

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