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Workshops on Learning

Event Start Date:
11th May 2018
Event End Date:
8th June 2018
Event Venue:
Pune & Chennai



PUNE WORKSHOP, June 8,9,10

children learn the world, whereas the educated is trained in learning the word
​- learn from children how to learn the world

In contemporary times not only is the human race on cross roads but also at the brink of self-inflicted extinction. This has much to do with how we see and know the world and our place in it; the way we are educated about it and ourselves.

The content of the today’s education is words. We learn the word instead of the world. Reading places us into a structure of knowing which is fundamentally mental and non- experiential. This act re entrenches the reader into a mental, ‘rational’ being. 

Why learn about children?
The child is the unit of human life, the way cell is for life. Knowing and being can only be understood by revisiting some of these fundamental aspects of life- why what and how children learn!

Of course, we will have to revisit the very idea of ‘learning’ itself.


​A 3 day workshop
to address the issues in learning for both children and adults
* What is learning? What is education?
* Does learning happen in structured classrooms with predetermined syllabi? Or Are there other modes of learning available to us (soon they would not be)? Or both?
* how and what children learn naturally,
* how we make them into processors of second-hand information &
* how does such processed information from generation to generation restructure the earth and Nature to suit the vested human interest
* what is the vocabulary of earth and Nature? Are we educated in them?
​​* how to reorganize the tangible and intangible –physical, mental and spiritual– ambience so that children and adults retain their inherent wonder and creativity.
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