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Nitin Sethi

World Environment Day is now little more than a greenwashing opportunity

Nitin Sethi writes: Whatever a government might do to run the economic engine of the country or its politics, it has to continuously claim that it is a win-win for both the environment and development. It will talk about its moves to set up zero-effect and zero-defect industries. We all know such an idea does not exist.

The Great Derangement: Conversations with Amitav Ghosh – 2

Acclaimed novelist Amitav Ghosh‘s non-fiction take on climate change and our collective inability to acknowledge its danger – titled The Great Derangement – has been hailed as a landmark, which promises to change the conversation around this crucial issue. In this series, we’re re-publishing interviews which feature the writer at his forceful and articulate best.

Journalist Nitin Sethi answers readers’ questions on climate change and India

  Nitin Sethi, Senior Associate Editor, Business Standard DATE: September 02, 2015 SUBJECT: Should India distance itself from China on its climate change policy? ASKED BY: RANJEET KUMAR The biggest hurdle in tackling climate change is finance in a developing country. Although, India is ready to adopt the process of mitigation and adaptation, we do not have