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Ted Trainer

Wild democracy: A biodiversity of resistance and renewal

Samuel Alexander writes: ‘Wild democracy’ is a new political orientation, sensibility, and practice. A localised politics with a global perspective, positioning itself ‘in the wild’ beyond the state and yet, at times, pragmatically engaged with it. In short, wild democracy is a revolutionary politics without a Revolution, as such–a paradox I will unpack and defend.

Sustainability – The Simpler Way perspective

Ted Trainer writes: Following is an outline of the case, firstly that present ways are grossly unsustainable and secondly that the solution must involve far lower rates of production and consumption and GDP, frugal and self-sufficient lifestyles in small, localized, and largely self-governing communities, in a zero-growth economy which is not driven by market forces.

Ted Trainer: The Simpler Way

Ted Trainer, Social Work, University of NSW (Editor’s Note: Below is a summary of Ted Trainer’s ‘The Simpler Way‘, which he defines as “Working for transition from consumer society to a more simpler, more cooperative, just and ecologically sustainable society”. In the web page linked above, Trainer provides more information and an exhaustive set of documents arguing how environmental